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Thanks for visiting my site. I've put together this web portal as a door to the current blogs and websites that I am currently running. Many of my projects are newer ideas I've had, but a few of them have been around for a longer period of time and captured a large chunk of the Google-sphere and search engine traffic. Check back often for new projects or updates to existing work.

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I started this site over 12 years ago, as a home for my friends that I grew up with. We called ourselves "The Aints". It is a long story but basically we were 1 or 2 steps short of "Saints", being trouble-makers at school and church for the most part, but never in an illegal way. We were just kids being kids, mostly. And the 4 of us are still friends today, even over longer distances than in the past.

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I turned this blog into a business portal a couple of years ago when I started into blogging professionally. I am still in the process of learning and growing several blogs and hope to make it into a full time job eventually. But either way, it is quite fun getting your name and presense onto the internet for both acquaintances and future friends to see.

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